Woman adopts senior shelter dog who waited 7 years for a home

When animals are rescued from the streets and are put into shelters, the volunteers and staff there try their best to secure them a decent family and a forever home, but sadly not all of animals are lucky, and some have to wait way longer than the others.

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When animals wait longer in a shelter, chances for them to get adopted gets lowers, as most families are interested in adopting puppies, senior dogs are less likely to find their homes.

But thank god, there always are kind people that take a chance to senior dogs, securing them to feel love and care in their golden years, and our story today teaches us that sometimes is better late than never.

A dog called Rachel, was living in a shelter for 7 long years, she waited for someone to pick her up and give her a forever home every day at Pets and People Humane Society in Yukon, Oklahoma,


When Rachel turned 9 years old, the odds of her finding a forever home was near to 0, but miracles happen.

A woman called Laura went into the shelter, and unlike most of people she was there to take home a senior dog.

Laura walked through those shelter doors and, without hesitation, did for Rachel what needed to be done a long time ago,” nonprofit group Susie’s Senior Dogs wrote on Facebook.

Laura chooses Rachel, and was the beginning of a great bond and friendship.

After waiting 7 long years, our Rachel got the taste of freedom riding away from the shelter in woman’s convertible with the top down.

“She took to my little convertible without hesitation – she likes the wind on her face,” Laura said.

The dog quickly became an important part of Laura’s life, meeting all her neighbors and joining her at work, the delightful personality of the cute pooch won everyone’s heart over.

“Rachel is just wonderful,” Laura said. “I love her so much. We had a great first week.”

Laura made Rachel’s bed next to hers, and together they go out for walks every day, this is such a touching story, and also a reminder that every dog needs their chance and not getting overlooked.

“Never makes a peep, never barks, never runs – she is as perfect a dog as I have ever had,” Laura said.

“I am blessed to have found her.”

I am sure Rachel feels as blessed as you, kind Laura.