Soldiers say goodbye to K9 hero by draping him with American flag

Dogs are really special, and when they spent a long time with us, losing them is as painful as losing a family member.

Images via Alex Smith courtesy of The Dodo

An 11-year-old German shepherd named Bozda, lived all his life working with soldiers as a K-9 dog, and his colleagues will never forget him.

In the U.S Air Force he was a bomb detector dog, and worked alongside soldiers in Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, and Kuwait. The brave and loyal dog put his life into risk plenty of times, just to keep his colleagues lives safe, and his bravery and tirelessly work will always be remembered.

When he succumbed to his illness, the brave dog got a hero’s goodbye.

A particular soldier, had a special bond with the Bozda. The soldier named Alex Smith started to work with Bozda since 2012, and their bond became stronger after they went into a security mission in Kyrgyzstan.

Images via Alex Smith courtesy of The Dodo

“I loved working with him because he taught me a lot — patience as a young handler, and how to understand that this job isn’t just about you,” Smith told The Dodo.

“Bodza was a goofy and gentle dog,” Smith said. “We had horse stables directly beside our obedience yard and when [the horses] were out, no obedience was going to be done. He’d run the fence line continuously.”

In 2016, unfortunately the dog got diagnosed with a sever issue that affects his spine.

“His hind limbs lost their use and he could barely stand up anymore, much less walk,” Smith said.

Images via Alex Smith courtesy of The Dodo

“He couldn’t handle the stress on his body and using the restroom was a task.”

Alex took Bozda to a clinic in El Paso, Texas and he currently works there as a military dog handler.

The loyal K9 dog meets there several older soldiers that worked with him before, and then it was time to put the sweet dog down.

“I was holding Bodza as he passed,” Smith said. “It was a rush of so many things. It was just overwhelming.”

“He had a smile on his face when he was getting put to sleep,” he added.

People that were present agreed the dog deserves a hero goodbye, so they draped his body with an American Flag.

The image of sad soldiers saying goodbye to their loyal K9 dog went viral immediately, and all with the good reasons, the K9 dog’s story makes everyone shed tears, seeing what a hero an animal can be.