Puppy Wags Her Tail At Every Passerby Trying To Get Someone To Notice Her

Stray puppies tend to get tired of their miserable living conditions, and usually do everything they can to make people rescue them.

Screenshot via elephantnews

A tiny puppy was living in a market in the coldest city in Sri Lanka, trying his best to survive, and every time she noticed people passing near her she tried her best to attract their attention by wagging his tail.

When Lek Chailert, and some of his from Elephant Nature Park, noticed the dog cute movements.

Elephants that get rescued from all over the world and get out of terrible situations, get to call home the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, the group that noticed the dog was in Sri Lanka to get another elephant rescued.

Screenshot via elephantnews

They described in YouTube:

‘’In the market through fare, where thousands of people pass, we saw a little puppy wagging her tail at passersby, inviting people to take note of her.”

“One by one people rushed unaware of the pup’s plight. Our team stopped to pat her for awhile, but we also were in a rush to go. She began to follow us, and quite far, until we lifted her up and returned her to where we first met her. She followed us again and again, until her determination won our hearts.”

Even with being miles away from their home, Lek along with her friends decided to help the puppy, but that comes out to be a bit difficult.

We decided to ask people who walked past to adopt her, to take responsibility for her care. When they saw that she was female, they lost interest.”

Screenshot via elephantnews

Their options were running out, when finally they decided to ask someone near to take the puppy in.

“Finally we asked our driver, Thushara, to look after her for us. He agreed.”

‘’We bought a new blanket for her and bathed her, turning our luggage into her bed while she stayed with us in the hotel’’.

’I think that this was the first night that she can sleep warm and peaceful.’’

This happened more than three years ago, the dog was named LEK LEK, and nows he is so much healthier and grown up and lives a happy life in Thushara’s home, the  puppy even after all this time never forgot her rescuer Lek.

The puppies rescuers say: “We can always change one life from our care.”

We are so happy for the cute dog and her happy ending.