Pit Bull Lost For One Year Reunited With Owner Two Days Before Being Euthanized

To owners that love and take care of their dogs, finding out that they went missing is heartbreaking to them, but they try to keep hopes up for as long as they can.

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Barry Gerhart, went into a state of deep sorrow and sadness when his pit bull dog was stolen from his car one year ago.

He and his pit bull called Titan has finally reunited, but Barry remembers the heartbreaking ordeal, and said he went to sleep crying every night in the what he calls ‘’his worst days’’ of his life.

Like every owner that finds their pets are missing, Berry never lost his hopes that his precious dog that he raised since a puppy would turn back to him in one way or another.

One year after Titan was stolen, there were no signs of him but Barry simply refused to give up, he posted a picture of the cute missing dog on his Facebook page, asking from people to help in finding the dog one more time.

And this time it happened, he finally got a response.

A shelter animal volunteer contacted Barry, and said Titan looks just like a pit bull on her shelter named Hank.

The volunteer described Hank as an old pit bull dog who is scheduled to get euthanized in two days, because he spent weeks without getting adopted.

The pooch attended even socialization classes, but still no luck.

Barry immediately rushed to the shelter and there he saw Hank was his lost Titan, the emotional reunion of the duo was recorded, and the dog immediately recognized his owner.

Now Barry has his lovely dog near him, and we are sure they are both very happy.