Park ranger comforts gorilla who just lost his mom

Having parents that love you unconditionally is one of the best gifts life gave to us, no matter if you are human or animal, therefore when we lose the parents is like a part of us is missing.

A wildlife photographer Phil Moore took some touching photos proving that animals feel the same ways as humans if they lose their lovely parents.

A poor gorilla expressed a real pain after losing his mom because of poaching,  and in this overwhelming moment the poor animal finds support in one of the park rangers, Patrick Karabaranga, that has a high compassion for the gorilla.

The picture was taken at Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo, where orphaned gorillas like this one stay and find comfort and protection from the heartless poachers.

Like many other species the mountain gorillas, have become a critically endangered species as a result of mass deforestation.

Their numbers have dramatically declined in the last years, and apart from that poaching is the other activity by humans that threatens the wildlife.

There have been some great conservation efforts in order to restore gorilla’s population and Virunga National Park is a very positive example in that way.

Here are living 200 gorilla individuals, which are a quarter of the world’s mountain gorilla population.

But there is still a long way to go.