Lonely baby deer mistakes logger for her mom

Deer’s are one of the cutest animals one can see, and if you live or ride near wooded area you can spot them all over the place, and as creatures they tend to be very shy, so if you encounter a fawn she would for sure run away.

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During the day deer babies are usually left alone, because their mothers are searching for food, but before they go the deer mothers choose carefully the place they will leave their little ones.

The little fawns stay resting waiting for the moms to fulfill their duties, and that’s why people get warnings from wildlife authorities to be careful around the babies that are resting, because they can easily get scared and run away, and get lost of their mothers.

And on the other hand, If you approach a little fawn baby and they don’t run away, you should check for injuries.

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A logger spotted two little fawns recently, while riding along a forest road, the man was an animal lover and decided to do an investigation, and started to get closer to the animals slowly, and what occurs next is a heartwarming moment.

The man turned on his camera and went to investigate, when the little ones didn’t run away, he thought they might be hurt in some way.

But the two cute baby fawns were just resting, and didn’t even care about the man that was approaching them, but what makes this ordeal more interesting is that one of the little babies mistake the man for her mom.

“Oh my God, they’re coming right to me,” the man can be heard. “No, I’m not who you think I am,” he says shortly after.

What a heart boost, can these pure animals bring to you.