Dog Unconscious After House Fire, Found Laying On Top Of 4 Kittens To Save Them

Who said that dogs and cats doesn’t get along together ? that must have been a myth ,because we have a news that tells a whole different story.

Source: Associated Press/YouTube

A family living in Melbourne , Australia , was in a state of panic when one night a fire broke out on their house.

Seeing the flames spreading on every corner, they started to evacuate the home quickly.

While one of the  dogs followed them and got in safety, the other dog Leo  a Jack Russell mix , refused to get out.

Fearing the worst for their Leo, the family was worried to the core.

When the firefighters arrived, family immediately alarmed them for the poor Leo  that was trapped inside ,  when they went in looking for him they found Leo  unconscious on the floor from smoke inhalation, picking him  up, the firefighters found 4 kittens buried under him, all safe and sound.

All this time, the brave dog  was trying to shield the kittens from the flames.

The firefighters brought them out, while hooking  up Leo immediately on oxygen.

Thankfully , our furry hero recovered quickly from this life-threatening ordeal.

After gaining consciousness, his first job was to find the kittens and make sure they were all ok, his parents say Leo loved dearly the kittens always,  but the fact that he risked his life to save them was something truly inconceivable.

What a Hero .