Dog Never Gives Up On Waiting For Flight Attendant Outside Hotel, And She Finally Takes Him Home

A flight attendant named Olivia Sievers that works at Lufthansa Airlines, meet Rubio a stray dog in one of her flights to Argentina, he was wandering around her hotel in Buenos Aires.


Oliva feed Rubio the first time they meet and played with him, after that encounter the dog would wait outside the woman’s hotel, and followed her everywhere she went.

Oliva tried to take a different route but the dog somehow always found her, one time Olivia waited one hour to get back to the hotel, and the dog was still waiting for her to come back.

Ruboi slept outside the hotel waiting for his favorite human to go out, Olivia gave him one of the airlines blanket’s so the dog is warm after she realized he sleeps outside waiting for her.


But the poor dog went back to wander the streets after Olivia had to leave, but whenever she was brought back to Buenos Aires with work, Rubio was there ready waiting for her.

Olivia made a rescuers group adopting Rubio in the following months, but the dog managed to escape and again showed at the woman’s hotel doorstep, he just wasn’t going to ever give up his favorite human.

Seeing how attached he is with Olivia, she took the decision to adopt him and take him to Germany and giving him a forever home.


Olivia processed the paperwork eventually, and the dog traveled all the way to meet his new home.


This was a happy ending for everyone.