Dog Finds a Box of Kittens in the Trash and Takes Them Home One-By-One

Dogs can make our heart burst with joy with their games and playing personalities, but what this dog did, is more entertaining and heartwarming than the videos we used to see of them doing funny stuff.

Abandoned on a trash heap a litter of kittens got rescued  by a former street dog.

The dog named Banze (or “Scamp”)  was out on a neighbourhood  in São Paulo’s Jardim Aeroporto (Garden Airport) in Brazil, when he found the little kittens.

The dog sniffed the kittens on a cardboard box, and he took upon himself to rescue them as soon as he found them.

He carried them to his guardians home one by one, after gently toring the box apart . Banze was homeless and out in the streets too before being saved by his now guardian, and he must have known those little kittens need a hero to rescue them , just like he did.

He started caring for them as soon as they were safe.

It warms our hearts to see such affection and love he has to give to his new friends that now live with him, thank you Banze , our hero.