Blind dog gets surgery so he can see , 15 million have fallen in love with his reaction

Being able to see and describe things is one of the gifts that are usually taken for granted, but there is hope even to them that god decided not to give this gift to them.

People that have problems with eyes and are blind can recover if they are qualified to undergo an eye surgery, what is way better is that not only humans can recover from blindness animals can do it too.

A lucky Irish Terrier got to experience getting recover from blindness, and his reaction says it all about how happy the cute furry is.

The adorable rescued dog Irish terrier, named Duffy had a lot of challenges in his health life developing diabetes, and due to his illness he lost his eyesight.

Medications helped to stabilize the diabetes but the poor animal was not the same without the ability to see, this must have been awful to poor pooch going from seeing his family and his home, to complete darkness.

But our boy was lucky and he qualified for an eye surgery that would restore his sight,

Duffy’s family didn’t hesitate to sign the dog up for the needed surgery.

Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania, performed the dog’s eye surgery.

When Duffy got out and had the chance to see his parents again, the first time after months, his tail was wagging a thousand miles for hour, and the happiness and excitement was all over his face.

In fact his excitement is so high he starts to make some high-pitched cries, the dog’s way of tears of joy.

Dr. Kevin Kumrow is the vet that first stabilized Duffy’s diabetes and when he was ready for surgery, Dr. Brady Beale took over.

This two amazing doctors, gave the little fluffy the chance to live a happy life full of love and care.

I am sure that the dog will enjoy his family moments in maximum now.